We were thrilled to be named a finalist in the 2020 MRS Oppies awards for best provider of telephone data collection.

A huge thanks to our client Just Eat for allowing us to share our work on the British Takeaway Campaign and many thanks to the clients who endorsed our work.


About Us

"You = the best!"      

We are confident that you will agree with Just Eat.

Since 2002 we have been helping researchers in agencies and client-side organisations to meet even the most exacting of data collection challenges. How do we do this? We simply put ourselves in your shoes and work with you to design and carry out successful research projects and make sure that you and your clients are completely satisfied.

Prevision continues to be a specialist in telephone surveys, but through client demand we have expanded our expertise to include online surveys and integrated methods. Essentially these days we are methodology-neutral and use the best method or mix of methods to do the best job possible.


Our Expertise


Telephone Research

Since 2002 Prevision has been conducting high quality telephone surveys. Our data gathering centre in Milton Keynes, has over twenty work stations and we have an extensive network of experienced interviewers working remotely. Our experience straddles both consumer and B2B research. The latter often presents challenges in terms of sampling, finding the right personnel and engaging with a range of respondents. That requires flexibility, gravitas and a persuasive, knowledgeable research team.


Online Data Collection

We offer an online approach when that is appropriate. We can also integrate telephone and online surveys seamlessly. We have invested in a state of the art online platform and can provide you with support from questionnaire design and sampling through to questionnaire programming, data collection, data analysis and tabulations. We can work from your own sample leads, or source appropriate contacts from the main panel providers.


B2B Qualitative Recruitment

Our experience in conducting B2B surveys has allowed us to develop expertise in locating and engaging with the most difficult target audiences. We put that experience and expertise to particularly good use when recruiting respondents to participate in qualitative research.

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We have been interviewing tradespeople every month since 2010. In that time we have learnt the best way to conduct research in this sector.
Our interviewers speak the same language as the respondents, which is not surprising as some of our interviewers have worked in the very trades we are researching.


Waste Collection

We have been conducting research on waste collection services among businesses since 2012 and among consumers since 2015.
In that time we have developed a detailed knowledge of this specialist sector, allowing us to work in partnership with our clients to provide research to the highest possible standards.


Social Housing

We have been interviewing social housing tenants since 2012.
Research has included STAR surveys and satisfaction studies covering a range of issues in this sector. We have worked on a number of tracking studies to monitor the handling of property repairs, tenant complaints, reports of anti social behaviour and new lets.


Quick Serve Restaurants

This has developed in to a key specialism of ours.
We have been interviewing owners and managers of takeaway restaurants since 2016, we know the best times to call and how to get the best quality data out of them.


Vulnerable Audiences

We have been working with a number of high profile charities to interview the elderly, vulnerable and Visually Impaired for many years and understand the need for compassion and empathy when speaking with them.



We have extensive experience and expertise in conducting research in a range of challenging B2B markets, including both public and private sector respondents, from tradespeople through to senior management in a range of sectors.

Data Security

Data security is taken very seriously within Prevision, evidenced by our operating an ISO 27001 accredited Information Security Management System, which is at the heart of our operations and is subject to annual external audits.

ISO 27001 Market Research Society MRS Fair Data

In addition to the ISO accreditation, Prevision is GDPR compliant, an MRS Company Partner, abides by the MRS Code of Conduct and is an MRS Fair Data accredited company.


Quality Control

Data quality is of paramount importance to us and to our clients, which is why Prevision operate an ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System. This is again subject to annual external audits.

ISO 9001

We carry out a number of quality checks before, during and after fieldwork:
  • Thorough Interviewer Briefings
  • Survey Pilot
  • Active Call Monitoring
  • 10% Back Checks
  • Daily Data Checks


Service Promise

Our service promise takes the form of the following commitments:

  • 1.
     4 hour quotes - we will come back to you within 4 hours with value for money research quotes.
  • 2.
     Regular feedback - you’ll be fully up to speed by 10am each morning.
  • 3.
     Consultancy - we know what works. We know what we can ask and how long to keep people on the phone. We can even formulate your questionnaire for you. Show us your wish list and we’ll suggest ways of making it happen for your client.
  • 4.
     Deadlines - we know they are important, we aim to just never miss one.


Read Our Customer Testimonials

Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

Prevision are our number one fieldwork provider and have been for many years. They set the benchmark for service and they keep us updated throughout fieldwork. We have full confidence that the data they provide will be of the highest quality given the ISO accreditations they hold and the intensive backchecking carried out. If we do have any questions they are answered comprehensively and very quickly, which is very reassuring. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing to collect high-quality feedback from an audience where online approaches just will not work.
Mike Cooper - Research Director - Trinity McQueen
We have used Prevision for our telephone research for a number of years and they are always a real pleasure to work with. They consistently provide a quality service at a competitive price, are highly responsive and are happy to make proactive suggestions.
Debbie Kear - Director - Kaleidoscope
We have worked with Prevision Research since 2016, since that time we have commissioned them on 18 projects, covering over 4,000 interviews. Their main expertise is telephone research and while we also use them for online, it’s CATI where they come into their own. We work with many different research providers and for projects of this type Prevision are the benchmark against which we rate the others, and no-one else matches their flexibility, speed and responsiveness. They are easy to work with and go beyond the call of duty. They know when telephone is the most suitable data collection method and are not afraid to challenge our assumptions if they think there is a better way.
Jeremy Nye - Senior Insight Manager - Just Eat
Prevision are not like other telephone centres; they are simply a world apart in terms of flexibility and delivery. If we come up against a challenge they always think of innovative ways of getting round the problem. Sometimes this involves tweaking the way we approach potential participants, other times it may involve creatively combining online and telephone methodologies. They employ the most up to date technology with staff that know how it works. What I like about Prevision is that they really care about us as the client – they want to do the best possible job every time.
Adam Payne - Managing Director - ARP Research
We are continually delighted by the service we receive from Prevision. they are highly efficient, proactive, competitively priced and deliver to the highest standards. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for top quality telephone fieldwork.
Chris Onley - Director - Wavelength Insight




Telephone Market Research Interviewers - We’re always looking for confident, versatile and well-spoken people to boost our telephone research team. Click here for more information.

Business Development Executive - We’re looking for a motivated Business Development Executive with 2-3 year experience to support the operations team in identifying and winning potential clients. Click here for more information.



Where we came from

Prevision Research can trace its ancestry back to the last century, in the form of fieldwork companies Rameses Group and 2020 Research, both based at our current offices in Bletchley. Prevision was officially launched in 2009, when Martin Walls, ex-Research Manager for HSBC, took over the reins. Under Martin’s guidance, Prevision developed into a (mainly) B2B data gathering specialist, focusing on telephone interviews.

Many of our research team (including some interviewers) have been with us from those early years and Prevision has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise on how to effectively conduct research in B2B and other difficult to reach markets.

New sheriffs in town

Experienced researchers Trevor Wilkinson and Stephen Bairfelt came on board in 2016, allowing and encouraging Prevision to offer a wider range of research services, including qualitative recruitment, online surveys and research consultancy.

In 2019 Martin decided to retire and industry veteran Bob Qureshi joined the stakeholder and management team, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge of the research industry.


The research team

Our offices in Bletchley are manned and managed by experienced, dedicated market research professionals, who ensure all respondents are treated with care and respect, giving output of the highest quality.

The experience we have means that we know how to make things work. Some of our clients know exactly what they need, while others are less sure and look to us to advise on what is the best way to deliver the project. Whatever, we’re always happy to share our expertise and wisdom to get the best possible results.

Prevision Research currently has its own 20-station CATI call centre offering comprehensive, high quality telephone interviews. Online surveys are also hosted in-house.


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