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Prevision Research is a market research agency.  Our business involves phone surveys, where we call people and invite them to give us their views and opinions on a particular subject or issue.  Our clients ask us to do this so they can better understand what people think about the products they offer and the service they provide.

Prevision Research operates under the Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society, which ensures that we are never involved in trying to sell anything to the people we call and that your anonymity will be respected at all times.

We often carry out customer satisfaction studies for our clients; in these cases your name and contact number will have been provided to us by our client.  We take the issue of data security very seriously and have ISO accreditation to back this up, we have processes in place that ensure your details are safeguarded and never passed on to third parties.

On other studies, we are calling a sample of the population as a whole, in which case we will have bought lists of contact details from a list provider.

The Telephone Preference System, or TPS, exists to enable people to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales calls.  Genuine market research specifically excludes any sales activity, and the industry has been excluded from the TPS by the Information Commissioner, who is responsible for administering the scheme.

However, you can still ask us to remove you from our list so that you are not called by us again.

Please contact us on 01908 278303 or email info@previsionresearch.co.uk with the number you were contacted on and if possible the date of the call. We will ensure that you are not contacted again. Please be reassured your number will not be passed on to any third party.

If you want to contact us you can do so in either of the following ways:

Phone: 01908 278303
Email: info@previsionresearch.co.uk